The North State is home to the state’s most impressive landscapes and natural wonders. We are home to hardworking communities that embody North State values: integrity, optimism, hard-work, conservation, and stewardship.

“I believe in straight-talking honesty. We may not agree, but I’ll always make clear where I stand. I believe that honesty is part of personal integrity.”

Elizabeth Betancourt
Elizabeth’s ValuesShared Vision
  • Integrity

  • Optimism

  • Hard Work

  • Faith, Dignity, Equity
  • Conservation and Stewardship

  • Quality of Life

  • Citizenship, Rights, and Responsibility

  • But the North State quality of life depends on us and the choices we make today.  We need a voice for the North State.  If the next generation of North Staters – our children and grandchildren – are going to have the same quality of life we enjoy and an even better standard of living, we must advocate for our region now. 

    That’s why Elizabeth is running for Assembly.

    A local farmer, small business owner, and rural advocate – Elizabeth learned her values early and lives by those values today.  Elizabeth learned her strong work ethic watching her father. As a teacher and school administrator he worked a 12-hour day every day.  He spent his adult life investing in the future of the community.  As our next Assembly Member, Elizabeth will carry North State values to Sacramento to advocate for us – North State families, communities, our industries, and our small businesses.