Forest Health & Wildfire Protection

Northern California’s forests must be managed back to health. Our forests provide a wealth of resources for the North State and all of California: economically, environmentally, and socially. Elizabeth believes that we need to employ science-based practices to reduce the vulnerability of our forests that make them increasingly hazardous to local life and property, as well as return them to a source of economic viability for all in our rural region. As a scientist, she has worked for nearly 20 years with diverse stakeholders to advocate for healthy forests and watersheds. She believes we can accomplish this by getting our fair share of state resources and working together to pass common sense changes that reduce red-tape and provide the flexibility needed to meet the special needs and challenges faced by our region.


Elizabeth shares our belief that water is our most precious North State resource, and is the lifeblood of our landscapes and our economy. For decades, our region has been left out of water resources negotiations. To take advantage of the opportunities at the state level to protect our resources, we need someone in the Legislature who understands water issues, water rights, and the state’s Area of Origin protections for Northern California. She has worked in water resources at the local, regional, and statewide level, and understands the need for locally-driven solutions in a deeply connected state. In order to ensure our water rights are protected, She will push to:

  • Manage and invest in our upper watersheds as integral parts of California’s water delivery system. 
  • Invest in soil health, both on the Valley floor, and in our upper watersheds, helping to retain water and carbon and overall increase ecosystem resilience.
  • Facilitate drought preparedness by interconnecting our water systems to address the need for increased system resilience in times of drought, or emergency.
  •  Prioritize the significant infrastructure upgrades required for preparedness in a climate-altered future, including upgrading pipes and canals, as well as expanding storage options (including both dam safety upgrades and groundwater injection wells).

Jobs & Economic Prosperity

The greater diversity we have in our rural economy, the better equipped we are to address the coming challenges of climate change, technological development… and even societal changes we can’t yet envision! Ensuring that jobs are available at all levels will help us adapt to a changing future. She supports encouraging small business development and growth through creating regulatory streamlining and expanding the “cottage food” concept to empower more local entrepreneurs and building on the strengths and resources we already have by increasing job opportunities in forest management, green energy, agriculture, healthcare, and education throughout our District and rural California.

Homelessness & Cost of Living

Elizabeth believes we must invest in the stability and sustainability of our communities, by increasing available housing stock and access to affordable housing throughout California. The lack of affordable housing exacerbates the homeless crisis. Everyone should have a safe place to lay their head at night. In order to address the cost of living and, in turn homelessness, she supports investing in community-specific wrap-around care to provide the support necessary to ensuring these neighbors are able to get the help they need and get back up on their feet.  She will also vote to ensure state funding to sustain the availability of shelter beds, and a cooling/warming space as appropriate to the season.


Elizabeth believes we must increase access to AFFORDABLE education throughout our rural District. She will seek to establish quality online courses in areas where traditional classrooms are scarce and fight for increased rural broadband availability and performance while advocating for broader innovation in public education. She will work to increase technical training and expand higher education options for young adults and those looking to change their career track. Investing in our community colleges to ensure that those options exist and are financially feasible for everyone, and provide training in areas that serve this District.  She will advocate for a public 4-year university in AD1 and build on our excellent community colleges by increasing their footprint throughout our communities and expanding program offerings. She will also work to build programs that serve our broader economic needs, such as forestry, healthcare, and agriculture, and integrate career/technical training elements and advanced academic coursework into secondary schools.

Gun Safety

Unlike many candidates that take positions on guns, Elizabeth has spent time on the range learning about guns from sport shooters and hunters.  She supports the common sense policies on background checks, increased training, and keeping guns out of the wrong hands that have made California the 6th lowest state in gun deaths with 37% less gun-related deaths than the national average.

Mandatory Vaccinations

Elizabeth is a scientist, and therefore will always look for data to inform these issues. While no medical tool is perfectly safe in 100% of circumstances, we know that vaccines work. Current law does allow doctors to make medical exemptions and she supports laws that allow these decisions to be made by qualified medical professionals.  The opportunity here is to increase transparency, efficacy, and safety. 


This new market presents a unique opportunity to rural California for economic growth, climate resilience, and the highly productive use of our millions of acres of agricultural land. Hemp and recreational cannabis are legal in our marketplace, and small family farms – just as with more traditional Ag products – should be encouraged and incentivized within the state’s protective regulatory framework.


Access to high-quality, comprehensive, and affordable healthcare is a must. She supports the passage of special incentives to attract and retain more rural healthcare providers – including local clinics and primary care physicians.  She strongly supports efforts that include: stronger oversight and control of pricing to keep essential generic medicines like insulin and epi-pens affordable, protection of funds for legal abortion and family planning services, state investment in telehealth technology, more funding for mental health and addiction rehabilitation services, and preserving safety net programs and services for seniors to ensure equal access to quality healthcare services for rural Californians.